Thank you, W5YI Group!

Thank you to the W5YI Group – and Gordon West – for featuring our programming services in the Spring, 2015 issue of the W5YI newsletter!

Click here for a .pdf copy.

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JumpScan is gone …

JumpScan was a great site that allowed users to create QR codes. Unfortunately, owner Mike McKearin called it quits after running it for free several years.

I visited several alternatives, and wound up settling with  – very configurable.  You can create a bunch of QR Codes for free … CAUTION: If you use my link and subscribe to or purchase t-shirts of other goods from them, I make a ton of affiliate money … (grin)





This QR Code goes to my “” Web site.

I already have an iWatch …

I’ve been thinking about the new Apple watch that was announced this week. Personally, I like my own “Apple watch” – an iPod nano 6th gen in a Lunatik watch band.


It’s a fairly impressive device that can view photos, track calories burned, count your steps, play music , listen to FM radio, and record voice memos. It is actually more feature-filled than several other devices calling themselves “smart watches.”


So … if you cannot wait until 1Q 2015 for the “official” Apple watch, here’s some 6th Gen iPod nanos offered on Amazon – … and here’s the watch band firm that began as a Kickstarter project and went HUGE –

Southern CA Freqs

UPDATED 2Q 2014 – For Southern California hams, more than 80 local repeater systems, simplex freqs, and miscellaneous frequencies programmed in my demo FT-60R and Puxing UV973 radios. Weighed towards ENJOYMENT on the 2m/440 amateur radio airwaves! NEW: Most have URLs to repeater owner sites and/or club sites.

The four-page .pdf is available on the DOCS page at …



GoDaddy just sent out notices that they are dropping their Quick Blogcast product … and recommending WordPress to their clients. SO … WELCOME to the new WordPress blog for!

I have been a customer of GoDaddy for almost 10 years for domains, Web sites, hosting, and other products. Their customer service is extraordinary: I cannot remember waiting more than five minutes to actually TALK to a rep when needed. Click on their logo above to receive a 25% discount on new products.