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Thank you, W5YI Group!

Thank you to the W5YI Group – and Gordon West – for featuring our programming services in the Spring, 2015 issue of the W5YI newsletter!

Click here for a .pdf copy.

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JumpScan is gone …

JumpScan was a great site that allowed users to create QR codes. Unfortunately, owner Mike McKearin called it quits after running it for free several years.

I visited several alternatives, and wound up settling with  – very configurable.  You can create a bunch of QR Codes for free … CAUTION: If you use my link and subscribe to or purchase t-shirts of other goods from them, I make a ton of affiliate money … (grin)





This QR Code goes to my “” Web site.

Thank You, Gordo and Ham Nation – II

I am delighted that Gordon West WB6NOA endorsed Ham Radio Programming by K6LCS during  episode 142 (04/10/2014) of Ham Nation. Watch a five-minute segment where not only is our service discussed, but also antennas for working the ISS …

SEE THE WHOLE HAM NATION EPISODE – as well as the entire library of Ham Nation episodes! – at

And for more information about amateur radio satellites, go to!

A little history …

When Yaesu released the FT-60R, I saw it as a great value in a handheld for new amateur-radio licensees. I started pre-programming radios with Gordon West’s freqs in my job at Ham Radio Outlet to immediately get new hams on the air with their local frequencies.

So, here we are 10 years later in 2014, and:

– the FT-60R is STILL a great bargain;

– new licensees STILL need get on the air quickly (so they get hooked by that first QSO!);

– hams STILL feel frustrated by manuals … especially when instructions are NOT written for the U.S. market;

– many hams are not using the full range of functions that their radios offer; and

THAT is where my convenient and very affordable service,, comes in.

Using numerous databases, as well as the FCC’s ULS and ARRL club data to fulfill the ham’s “wish list,” I create a custom data file for each radio. The ham sends his (or her) radio to me and within three business days, I return it via USPS Priority Mail: It’s now programmed with scores of the ham’s local repeaters, simplex freqs, a ham satellite or two to work, the local NOAA WX station and more. A hard-copy printout of the new programming is always included.

Please visit my new service at and see how easy it is for hams to get on the air!

Why USPS Priority Mail?

I was just asked, “Why are you using USPS Priority Mail” for returning radios.

Well, it is fast, insured, and trackable. The USPS has been very reliable for me. If you want to use another shipper, just let me know. Or I can use your accountnumber with just about any shipper.

But it has to be something I can insure and track – for your protection (and mine).