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JumpScan is gone …

JumpScan was a great site that allowed users to create QR codes. Unfortunately, owner Mike McKearin called it quits after running it for free several years.

I visited several alternatives, and wound up settling with  – very configurable.  You can create a bunch of QR Codes for free … CAUTION: If you use my link and subscribe to or purchase t-shirts of other goods from them, I make a ton of affiliate money … (grin)





This QR Code goes to my “” Web site.


Wouxun UV8D HT

This is becoming quite a popular HT!

Powerwerx KG-UV8D

Powerwerx KG-UV8D

And if you want to purchase FROM hams … get extraordinary support before, during, and after the sale … and have a model that does not have the “squelch problem” (and other oddities) that others are experiencing – then consider purchasing from Powerwerx.